Getting Started


First, clone the repo:

git clone

To use CAGE you will need SDL2, SDL2_Image and SDL2_Mixer.

For Windows, run getSDL2.bat inside the 3rdparty folder.

If you’re using Mac OS/X, you can use brew:

brew install SDL2 SDL2_Image SDL2_Mixer

In Arch Linux, use pacman:

sudo pacman -S sdl2 sdl2_image sdl2_mixer


Once you have SDL2, SDL2_Mixer and SDL2_Image, you can build CAGE and run the samples.

In Windows, open the Visual Studio 2013 project inside the vc folder of CAGE and build the solution. You will find the samples executable inside vc\Debug or vc\Release.

In Mac OS/X or Linux, simply:

cd cage && make

New Games

To start a new game project, clone cage-bp (CAGE Boilerplate):

git clone my_game

By default, the boilerplate project is configured to find CAGE side-by-side relative to its location, but you can edit the Makefile to change this.